Windows 7 Home Premiumda Administrator Hesabını Açma veya Kapatma activating administrator on windows 7 home premium

Başlat > Arama Kısmına CMD yazın Çıkan Programa Sağ Tıklayın Yönetici Olarak Çalıştır Deyin

Etkinleştirmek için

Komut Satırına "net user administrator /active:yes"  yazıp enter'a basın

Devredışı Bırakmak İçin

Komut Satırına "net user administrator /active:no"  yazıp enter'a basın

activating administrator on windows 7 home premium

I used the transfer utility to transfer my credentials from a windows business laptop to a brand new laptop with windows home premium on it. When I got to windows hp I found out that my account was a standard account instead of an administrators account - even through the account says Admistrator type when I drilled down it was set to standard and would not allow me to change it.
Looking at some of the other threads I tried a number of things and this is what I found to work below for me.

Signed on to my account
Went to the Windows/system32 directory and found cmd.exe
Highlighted the file name and right clicked
Chose Run as Administrator from the menu
Double clicked on the file
The command window opened
Typed in net user administrator /active:yes
Closed the command window
The administrator now show up on the welcome window
I tried the windows key and R - which did not work
when I tried to type lusrmgr.msc I got the message that this was not supported in home premium
My question is was this because my transferred account was an administrator's account to begin with? Or was this fluke that I managed this - the administrators account when activated does not have a password on it and I'm assuming that I should create one - but I'm not sure what will do after the fact to windows utilities and the like. Anyone?

If you set the user to Administrator it will become a user with administrator power
and he/she will be placed in the Administrators Group.

The best way to shift this is by pressing Windows + R and typing"control userpasswords2".
1. Select a user from the list and click Properties.
2. Select the Group Membership tab.
3. Select Standard User (or Administrator) and clickApply and OK.
4. Click OK.